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Cartoon picture of yourself or anybody, no computer skills needed.


This video shows you how to draw a quick cartoon picture. This is not made on a computer it is done by hand like real cartoons where always made. If you was going to do this on a computer it would take much longer and not be as good in my mined. Plus when you have finished your own cartoon picture you can just take a photograph of it and put it on your computer or anywhere on line, if you want easy.  There are quick ways to do these cartoon pictures online by using software that is incorporated into web sites. I want to be very honest and clear about these types of sites they only want to spam you with rubbish or trick you into making money for them. Doing it this way gives you the best of both worlds. A unique cartoon picture that you made yourself that is a real picture which you can put on your computer if you want. As well as do what you like with it by using software if you want just like those rubbish web sites that only want to spam you.

Cartoon Yourself easy

All yo need to do it some basic printing paper, some felt tip pens, a pencil and picture to copy from. They can be pictures of you or anybody you want and this is real cartoon drawing, making real unique cartoon pictures. Not some computer generated image that you just print off and get exactly the same thing over and over. Of course if you put it onto your computer then you can do that as well. As I said you get the best of both worlds and learn a bit of drawing at the same time .

Below you will find some more videos that will tell you how to make a cartoon picture of yourself the hard time consuming way but it is entirely up to you I am just making you aware of another way.

What do you think? Is this easy or what? So easy even you can do it.

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