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About: Gareth Pritchard.

About me, I draw and paint pictures, I make things, sculptures, sometimes machines, I sometimes live a life and other times I live in dreams. 99% of reality is only what I think is real anyway and 60% of what we think we are really is water. So there you have it, water based people.

As close to the truth as I can get.

Please don’t bore yourself to death learning to draw.

Drawing still life might teach you about composition or how to convey simple shapes like apples and such but it is not very exciting don’t you think?
I found it very boring in school so I didn’t do it now maybe it wasn’t the drawing that was boring but the teacher anyway it doesn’t matter because the end result was the same I had to teach myself.
Some help would have been very useful but I didn’t get it I was better at drawing than the teacher but I didn’t get any grades for my drawing. I was considered to be one of the best in the school at drawing according to everyone except the school and the teacher. I will not say it didn’t matter because now I am much older I know it did because I was robbed of my confidence which is what school is about when it shouldn’t be but that’s a different story not for today.

It was a big school so I must have been really quite good, 14 years later when I was more mature I went back to school, Art School and I was the darling of the school because I was good, very good, distinction good.
This was because I didn’t bore myself to death in those 14 years learning to draw. It was just very hard work because I didn’t have a good teacher. A better way to explain this is I was not motivated by anyone they tried to crush me or mold me into what they wanted. Yes I know that is what teachers are supposed to do on the face of it but when you dig down into teaching then you realize they are supposed to learn about you so as help you improve what you are good at not turn you into sheeple.

Thankfully this did not happen at Art School because they did not tell me what to do they encouraged me to do what I wanted and rewarded me with distinctions for doing it, in this environment I flourished.
My conclusion to this is if you want to get good marks in school then you will have to give them what they want whether you like it or not but you don’t have to bore yourself to death learning to draw, just draw what you want to draw as well.
I got distinctions because I was good I was good because I taught myself. I taught myself by drawing what I wanted to draw and that give me the enthusiasm and motivation to do more so I learned.

Learn to draw by teaching yourself you do anyway, really and a good teacher is only a guide to help you find your way but ultimately you are the learner and the teacher or it’s not even learning. At best it’s just regurgitating old information or ideas that are just hand me downs from others not even yours. The first instance of so called learning (school) is just remembering what others have put in your head. It might be useful but it’s not learning.Learn how to draw easy by doing it for yourself and not boring yourself to death.

Below are some of my community projects:

A mural completed with the residents of Brynteg, a small village, Nr Wrexham, N. Wales, UK, 2004

Brynteg Residents Mural Completed 2004
An installation piece as part of a children’s play area at The Gate Hangs High, Wrexham, N. Wales, UK. 2004

The Gate Hangs High Children’s Play Area

A mural designed and painted by young people in Blacon, Chester, Cheshire, England, UK. 2004

Mural Designed Painted By Young People Blacon Chester 2004

A mural as part of an installation at the Caia Park Nursery, Wrexham N. Wales, 2004.

Caia Park Nursery Wrexham

None of these public art works where implemented or completed in isolation and would not have happened without the energy and input from so many people, young people, community members, community groups and interested parties. With reference made to Clair Evans, founder and equal partner in Community Arts in Action, which diversified to become Public Arts In Action.

“The wise ones words are insignificant to their actions, action speaks louder than words”.                                                                                                    Ancient Proverbs

7 thoughts on “About.”

    1. Hi Matt, I will consider this request as I am busy with making some videos about lighting and how to use it as well as using easy methods to draw any car better more easily.

      Thank you for the request, I might be able to use a Honda Civic as an example, thanks again, Gareth.

  1. hello there i’d like to use one of your drawings in a logo for our event, its the fist in a heart behind bars i’d also love to know how you might be able to do logos for us.

    1. Hi Gina, sorry I have taken so long to get back to this comment but I do not visit the site much as time moves forward. The heart logo is already a logo used by some musicians called The-MasterBakers, I will ask them if you can use it as I will be seeing them later today. Although it is probably too late but thanks for asking as most people just take stuff without a care and don’t even credit the source. I would consider doing a logo but again it is probably too late now. Thanks for taking the time and I hope everything went well for you anyway.

  2. Hi Garreth, I can relate to art class in school being totally boring. For years I went through the same thing you did. I did have one teacher in jr high that realized that I was way beyond what she was teaching the other students and allowed me to go into a separate room and do whatever I wanted and be graded for that. Later in life I did one of those draw the pirate images and was visited by a gentleman that wanted to enroll me in the Charles Shultz school of art but when I asked what they would teach me there it was art I already knew how to do and would have been a waste of money. Plus they didn’t even help you find a career after going to their school. This guy proceeded to tell me that there was no way I could know how to do all those things without being taught. I doubt he himself could draw a straight line. Then he got upset that I wasted his time lol. I think the best artists are the ones that had to learn on their own. Love your website very informative.

    1. Hi Star, thank you for your comment about your own experience that seems similar to mine, it is always useful to have others confirm that it is not an isolated case.

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