Learning how to draw from memory. If you want to learn how to draw from memory, you will first need to be very familiar with the subject you are drawing, for example if you draw the letter (A) then it will be a memory drawing the way you have always drawn the letter (A). So […]

What are drawing techniques? Are drawing techniques important? Would you like to know more?

Don’t make it hard make it easy. Learning to use a pencil at the same time as learning about construction by drawing the easy way first not the other way round like everybody else teaches is the way to go. They don’t teach geometry in primary school they give you a pencil to play with the geometry comes much later when you know what a pencil is.

No education is neutral, that is fact, so the only way you can really find out is for yourself, drawing is a good way to do that and I would like to suggest, that we start with the faithful graphite pencil. The pencil has been around for many years because it’s good to use, easy […]

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