Make speed drawing videos.

You can do this, with video off your mobile phone because speed drawing/speed painting, are not anything of the like, they are speeded up video, nothing more but you knew this, didn’t you?

To do this, you video record yourself, drawing a picture but you can take two weeks, if you want and just do ten minuets, every day, I did my first recording, with a digital camera, that would only recorded, ten minuets at a time. It was a lot of work because I had to capture the film from the camera, every time, so I could take another ten minuets, it worked and I was very pleased with the result.

If you are interested, then you can see the video (Watercolor painting of Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales, UK.) by clicking the link and I hope you enjoy it, I did.

If you have Windows Move Maker, on your PC, then you can use it to capture your video and edit it, for distribution to any of the online video networks, for a little effort really, when you think of the possibilities of getting it seen.

Just in case, you don’t know but online video, is the biggest thing since television, we can pull this information because we want it, all of us and we do all the time, online video is here, right now, use it.

Editing with Windows Move Maker, on your PC, is easy, it is not the best but it is more than adequate, for making online videos, it just takes a little effort to do so but let me tell you, they all do, even Adobe Premier, in fact it’s worse.

The biggest problem is perhaps getting music for your video, everybody has a copyright but not any more because you can take our music and sounds, if you want to, just record them with Audacity, free software, easy to use.

If you do a quick search for Audacity you will find it easy.

If you have any questions just ask.

Don’t just make great pictures, film it, put it online and at least let us all have a look, make speed drawing videos easy.

The video below, was made with a camera hanging from the ceiling, on a piece of string, it is an example of what you can do, if your prepared to experiment a little but make sure, it is OK to put screws and stuff, into the ceiling, and also make sure, they are safe enough, to hold your camera.

The video below, was made using a boom stand, it is a stand that is used by musicians to hold a microphone, this was adapted, to hold a Kodak, Play Sport, HD camera and was completed, in different places, around the house. I was able to do this easily because the boom stand, is so versatile and easy to set up, I have been able to set it up, between myself and the camera, without much restriction or the work being obscured, by my body.

The video below, was again made with the, Kodak, Play Sport camera and microphone boom stand, between myself and a computer monitor, with only my hands getting in the way, which is unavoidable.

You can see this page called Cartoon Yourself Easy for Fun, on a site called Hubpages by clicking the link.

This page is not very technical because it does not need to be, just like art doesn’t, what is important is doing it, if your efforts are not as good, as you would like them, don’t publish them and try doing it another way. If you do this you will learn, far more valuable information and make your set up, to suit yourself.

To make speed drawing videos, does not take a great deal of money or technical skill, just a mobile phone, with a camera and some way of fixing, your camera into a position, so it can film your work, as you are doing it.


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10 thoughts on “Make speed drawing videos.”

    1. Hi Cash,

      Positioning your camera is quite difficult I have tried to fasten it to my head but it didn’t work for me, the best solution I found was to put it on a tripod at a slight angle to my right because I am left handed but if you are right handed then it might be better on your left. Another way that was quite successful was to put the camera on a tripod over my right shoulder whilst sitting in a chair and drawing on a drawing board balanced on my knee with the other side leaning on my computer desk so the board is at a slight upward angle with the camera at the opposite reflective angle.

      The very best solution was to draw the picture upside down with the camera on a tripod balanced on a table and angled downward at the table surface so you can place your paper or drawing area in a comfortable position to draw whilst sitting at the table. Doing it this way meant that my body was never in the way of the drawing only my hand sometimes but this makes it even more awkward because although I can draw upside down it is far from comfortable or ideal.

      None of these are ideal so the best way is to experiment with the camera in different places. Try to get some body to help you; if you can get some body to help you then you can also use two cameras because they can hold one of them to film shots at different angles. If you can do this with two cameras it makes the final cut a little bit more interesting because of the different shooting angles.

      When you have finished please let us know because I would like to do a post about your experiments and direct people to your work.

      Thanks, Gareth.

    1. Hi Ally,

      Like cash suggested I did a couple of videos by hanging the camera from the ceiling on a piece of string, tide to a screw that I had screws into it for this purpose, it worked quite well for me at the time but takes a little experimenting with to get it the right distance from the drawing area, also it tends to swing about for a little while so you have to wait for it to stop before you start drawing. If you are going to screw into the ceiling please make sure it’s ok to do that, as somebody might not be happy with a hole in the ceiling even if it is only a small one.

      I use a boom stand for a microphone now because it has a long arm that means you can position the camera between you and the drawing if you want to or almost anywhere you want, I think the boom stand is the best of all and make it easy to set up and adjust.

      Thanks, Gareth.

  1. For those of you who can’t use either of the methods above, what i did is i had a very tall lamp. I cut 2 holes in the bottom of a paper bag or similar, and then tied the string to both handles. I hooked one of the string around my lamp, and then i used the pictures on my wall to hook the other. I also made ‘safety’ strings in case it ever fell while filming. The camera would then go in the holes in the bag and i had to zoom in a bit. I used 2 holes for different angle. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Epsilon,

    That sounds like quite a bit of creative thinking being used to make that work but if it works don’t knock it, it also says that even the most awkward things can be overcome if we try hard enough.

    Thanks for you contribution and description, Gareth.

  3. Due to the title of your video, stupid me, I thought you would show us the technical aspects of making a speed drawing video. You, and this site, for the most part, are misleading, and a total waste of time. I guess you make money anyway, whether its crap or not, so long as suckers come look at your ads.

  4. Hey charlie potatoes,

    I hate to say this but you talk total rubbish “Due to the title of your video” what video is that your talking about,charlie potatoes?

    Where is it misleading, your the only one complaining but really you have nothing to complain about so how sad is that, ask yourself.

    Good by charlie.

    1. I use a Kodak Play Sport, Zx3 but now you can get the Kodak Zx5 for less than I payed for the ZX3, HD, wide screen video camera that will record in WVGA as well as HD. Easy to use with good results, as with all online video, the camera isn’t the only problem most of the time, streaming video at quality is a problem, problem and video size, keeping the size down means you start to lose quality, it is still not a perfect world as far as video is concerned online.

      Your comment was in the spam folder and went with all the others, this one was as well so I removed the link.

      Hope this helps, Gareth.

      I just had a dream, I am sure it was the same dream or was it a nightmare, no it was just the same dream, it was a highly processed meat product, have you seen how they strip a carcass with a jet wash, nothing gets wasted. It was a highly processed meat product, canned meat, lures, no question, no doubt, it was the same dream, spam.

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