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How to draw graffiti easy.

How to draw graffiti, the first step you need to take, is deciding, what you are going to write, are you going to write, your name or are you going to give yourself a handle, like many graffiti artists and writers do, all over the world, all of the time. If you want to get a better understanding of, what a handle is, then you can, by following this link to graffiti creator,graffiti art.

Now take a sheet of paper and write your name or handle on it, with a pencil, the way you would normally, write it and have a look, at how you write it. Write it again, only this time make it all capitals letters, with plenty of space between them, now try writing it, in as many different ways, as you can think of and don’t worry, about the end results, it is only the start of a process.

Please see my example ideas, design sheet, below.

3D graffiti design sheet of ideas drawn with a 3B graphite pencil.
3D graffiti design sheet of ideas drawn with a 3B graphite pencil, cool anybody can do this.

As you can see, I have used different types of letters, curved ones, square linear type letters, boxed, three dimensional letters and some, that are hardly readable as letters at all, the more you create, the better. If you find yourself stuck, after only drawing a few, then look for some ideas, in the news paper, a comic, magazine or anywhere, you might find ideas for lettering.

When you are happy, that you have generated enough ideas, then you can look over them and pick out one or two, that you like, for further development, it can be as many as you like, not just one or two, if you like them. Now, redraw these out on their own, in the center, of a clean piece of paper, try to fill the paper, as much as you can and make these drawings, more accurate, correcting or altering, anything that needs it, as you go. Try to keep your lines faint and not too heavy because they will be harder to cover later.

You can also look online, for lettering and graffiti art because there is an abundance of it, even videos that show some fantastic work, with it all being, a great source of ideas and inspiration.

You can create block lettering easy, by just redrawing your letters, over the top of each other, again but out of line, like in the example below.

You could trace your name or handle and then move it a little, to the left or right, up or down and retrace it, over the top, then fill in the area, where you can still see, the first letter outline in black, to create the illusion of shadow.

You can also overlap letters, so the second is hiding, slightly behind the first and the third behind the second, to create the illusion, of one being in front of the other, this overlapping, is a very common feature, in graffiti art.

Please see the example below, to understand this a little bit more, in a visual context.

An example of 3d box lettering using outlines over the top of one and other.
An example of 3d box lettering using outlines over the top of one and other.

Notice the black shadowing, created by moving the letters, up and the black outline, around all the letter shapes, you can also see that the colors have been added, any old how but are still effective because of the, well defined black outlines.

Now you can take some of your original ideas and try some of this, with them, below you will find some of my designs, taken from the first sheet of simple pencil drawings.

3D lettering example of how to use letters doubled over the top of each other to make box letters.
3D lettering example of how to use letters doubled over the top of each other to make box letters.

I have added color and black outlines, which is something you should now be trying, with your own designs, you could try many different combinations of color or black outlines, you could even try, colored outlines.

Now you can, further develop one idea and try it, as many different ways, as you can think of or combinations or color, see the examples below, for further development of ideas.

Images of earlier examples that have been further developed.
Some of the earlier examples that have been further developed.
Images of further development graffiti letter ideas.
Examples of further development with graffiti letter ideas.

The tools I use:

Paper or drawing pad, A4 printer paper is good and not very expensive but pads are better, you can carry them around with you, if they are not too big.

Soft graphite pencils, preferably mechanical, pop a point type pencils, 0.5, 3B, if you can get them.

Fine line permanent ink pens, 0.5 and Biro’s, in different colors.

Permanent marker pens, the more colors, the better.

Water soluble felt tip pens, the more colors, the better.

Colored pencils in various colors.

Quarter inch, flat brush and water.

Learning how to draw graffiti, is not difficult or hard and you can get, very good, very quickly, if you put a little effort in to it, honest.

What are drawing techniques?

Drawing techniques, are the manor in which procedures and methods are applied, for accomplishing a desired result, everything we do, when making a drawing, is usually created by using, different drawing techniques. The different marks we make, when drawing pictures, is also part of our technique and the different combination’s, of marks we use, so already you can see that technique, is actually not one but different combination’s, of contributing factors.

There are many different techniques, for using, the many different tools, available to us, as artists, with some being conventional and others, being less conventional.

The manor in which we, use the tools available to us, eventually gives our drawings a look and feel that is unique, to us as artists because of the combined but differing techniques, we use to execute these drawing skills.

For example, there are many different ways, to hold a pencil and the way in which you hold, a pencil, has a direct influence upon your technique, when using it. I see many tutorials, that are aimed at teaching people how to draw, that insist on telling the learner, how to hold a pencil when practicing, these different techniques, giving them the idea, that the pencil, has to be held in this way or that.

The problem with doing this is, if everyone, did everything in exactly the same way, then it is very likely, they will all produce drawings, that would not necessarily be exactly the same but very similar and without variety.

The best way to hold a pencil, is the way that feels best to you.

Are drawing techniques important?

It seems, that those who experiment with using these tools, in different or less conventional ways, end up producing work that is fresh and unique, giving it an edge on other, similar work.

This is not to say, that using tools in the conventional way, does not produce good work or that everyone, has to use these tools in less conventional ways, to be different but that the best way, to do anything, is the way you feel most comfortable doing it.

By all means, experiment with every drawing technique, you can possibly think of or learn, so as to at least have, the ability at your finger tips because of the importance, of the next point.

The point is this; if you practice your drawing skills often, then you will also develop your own drawing techniques and styles, that will eventually make, your overall style unique to you.

Picture of a hand of hand showing bone structure in some detail.
Picture of a hand showing bone structure in some detail, Phalanges, Metacarpals and Carpals, that make up the different bones in the hand, and the wrist.

Yorkshire Terrier Hatching Drawing

Drawing tutorials.

The best drawing tutorials in the whole world, are created by you, you are the learner, needing or wanting to improve your skills, so it is about your needs.

We can learn in many different ways but the most advantageous of all learning experiences, are the ones you take part in, have you ever heard the expression, practice makes perfect or you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink?

Practice makes perfect.

The Neuroscientists tell us, that the human brain works like this, the more you use it, the better it works, when you remember something, you make it stronger, the more you remember it or think about it, the stronger it gets. When you do something you remember parts of it, so if you do it again, then you do it with the memories of having already done it before.

This means you have some understanding, no matter how small, of what will happen next, so when you do it again, you reinforce your learning and perhaps learn some more, about what happens as an outcome of your actions, this is learning.

This has a down side also because if you repeatedly, do things the wrong ways, then you run the risk of reinforcing, the negative learning as well. This is not good for you, especially since it seems to be more difficult to undo any learning, than it is, to put it there, in the first place.

So practice makes perfect but only if it is good practice because bad practice, will kill your confidence, motivation and drive, rendering you useless, to your self or you’re drawing.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Do you realize, that I do not like others telling me what to do, I respond much better to encouragement, don’t you, of course you do, so it’s not just the horse, who will not do what you want it to do, is it?

Most human beings like to be able to decide things for themselves, they like to be in control and do the things, that they want to do because they like to have ownership of their actions, and it’s important for them to do so.

When people do things because they want to do them, they usually do them much better, so it is vital to your learning, that you learn, what you want to learn, from doing, what you want to do, that way, you will do it better.

The method.

This is a way to teach yourself, you do something, then you think about it, as with most things, we usually think about them, as we are doing and drawing, actually is highly dependent on having to be done in this way. It is worth thinking about your drawing, even after you have completed it but most likely you will anyway, this will reinforce your learning, as well as help you learn about what worked, and what didn’t work well, so you can use it, again or not later.

If you draw or learn the things that you want to, then you will draw or learn them better, and with more gusto, giving you good feelings, that are encouraging because we all like to feel good.

The best way to help yourself in your learning, is to find somebody who is good, at what it is, you want to be able to do. Ask them questions; tell them about some of the problems, you might be having, ask them for advice, even if they don’t offer it. Most people, will be more than willing to help because most people like to be helpful, even in selfish ways because they also like to feel good about themselves.

Listen to what these people might tell you, think about it, try it out, so as you know what they are saying and also if it works or not.  You are the one who wants to learn, not them, so all the tutorials in the world, will only teach you what others want you to learn or think, you should learn, without even knowing what you want or knowing you at all, and at the end of it all, it is your learning, and can only ever be yours.

Much of this guidance, help and information can be obtained online, by asking people where they hang out, on forums or in communities centered on what ever it is you want to do, as well as drawing.

Drawing tutorials are not completely worthless, so long as they fit your needs or contain something of interest but remember, most of them really are only basic, the best way is talking to people, ask questions and leave no stones unturned.