Easy pictures to draw everywhere honest.

You are not going to believe this but all pictures are easy pictures to draw, ha, ha. 🙂 🙂

The truth is drawing is easy when somebody tells you how easy, there are many easy pictures to draw but most people don’t realize, don’t know, don’t want to know or don’t want you to know and that’s the truth. The visual culture, visual media, commercial arts, arts industry, all make pictures the easy way and the only people who don’t are us, ordinary people like you and me.  Except I realized this by accident really because I spent 40 years learning the hard way first, the most difficult way possible really by teaching my self.

Easy pictures to draw lonely cliff castle.
Easy pictures to draw, lonely cliff castle drawn by human not machine.

Easy pictures to draw is how the industry do it.

Take a good look at the drawing, commercial arts industry, colleges, universities and you will find far less little actual drawing going on than you realise, much of it is now done on computer, by machine, yet we all try to do it the hard way by trying to draw free hand. Yes there is great self satisfaction and accomplishment in doing drawings free hand but when you are trying to draw like your favourite artist or draw your favourite picture, you will find that it usually comes from the art media industry, who don’t do it that way really when they use machines to do it and it’s quite different.

They use computers for everything nowadays, so it is questionable if it is actually drawing at all, aren’t they very easy pictures to draw when a machine does it for you?

Yes it takes some understanding and skill to use those machines but the question is are they doing the drawing or are they operating a machine that’s doing the drawing?

Of course nobody tells you this, nobody tells you when you are drawing or learning to draw that you are competing against machines and I am not sure if they or any body at all even realizes it but drawing with a machines is questionable because who’s actually doing the drawing?

Those that use these machines don’t tell you either but like I have already said I am not sure they have realized, I would love to tell you that it’s some dirty secret but I am not sure it is, they just let you form your own opinion which is what we mostly all do anyway.

Easy picture to draw the dragons flight.
The dragons flight showing easy pictures to draw without using a machine to do it.

Let me get back to the subject after my little rant, easy pictures to draw are very easy so easy even you can do them and compete against these machines, not only compete but use them so you are doing the drawing, real drawings that you can tear in half if you want to and throw away. Try doing that with a computer drawing, have you tried ripping a computer in half, don’t bother it’s a waste of time and somebody else might have the drawing on their computer so you won’t even be able to destroy it.  Just a silly joke don’t take me too serious on it please!!!

How much does a pencil cost, $2 perhaps for an expensive one, how much does a computer cost $500 for a reasonably cheap one, how much does the software cost, any thing from $50 to a $1000 plus depending on what it is. You already have access to a computer or you wouldn’t be reading this so no worries there, all you need now is a pencil and some paper.

I am sorry but I still haven’t told you how to draw easy pictures but I will if you join me and down load my free report (How To Draw Easy And Simple), please find a subscription box at the top of the page, soon it will be you finding easy pictures to draw.

Dragon Land showing easy pictures to draw in pen and ink.
Easy pictures to draw, Dragon Land, drawing in pen and ink, showing that we are not machines, we are human beings.

If you want some drawing ideas then take a look at the page at the end of this link to drawing ideas.

Easy pictures to draw will soon be everywhere you look if you read my report, I promise and I will also not be filling your email in box with spam every five minuets trying to sell you something either, once or maybe twice a month if your lucky will be sufficient but not trying to sell you stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Easy pictures to draw everywhere honest.”

  1. umm sorry but i think your website is useless sorry to say maybe you should go out and live your life k bye !

    1. Hi faith, I am sorry you feel that way but to be honest I don’t think you have looked at this site to even qualify you to be able to make a statement like that and unqualified statements are not worth very much, if you think its so bad then why don’t you tell me why its so bad? It is easy to just say something is bad but not so easy to say what is bad, especially when you don’t know why because you haven’t really based your opinion on anything but unqualified nonsense. Thanks but my life is fine and I live it well enough to not go around trying to degrade other people efforts with unqualified statements, if you want to lead yourself down the garden path then its completely up to you but I am not going to follow and I wouldn’t advise others to do so either, thanks, Gareth.

  2. While your site is not perfect (very few are) it is well worth reading and studying. I think that the most helpful part of your presentation is what artists do to produce better drawings. It would seem that, apart from the naturally gifted artists, artists get better by doing. And copying the art of others allow us to see what they did, what we did, and what we need to correct or improve.

    Pay no attention to negative comments made with no examples given. If you produced this site and provided no examples how helpful would it be? Likewise, if they can’t provide specific examples their opinion is of no value.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

    1. Hi Wayne this site has been on hold for a while and needs work which it is getting slowly, as for perfection what’s that? Negative stuff does bother me a little because I have put the time and effort into creating this information to help people who are learning to draw for free when I know there are many books on Amazon worse still ClickBank that are being sold but not providing information even as good as this. Thanks for your encouraging comment it is useful.

      PS. I am sorry to inform you I have had to remove your comments from other pages because they are duplicate to this one and will be counted by search engines as duplicate bringing negative status to the site because of this duplication. Sorry again about that because even if they where duplicate you still put the effort in to doing it, thanks again.

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